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To apply with Team Yates, please follow the 5 steps below.

The "Team Concept" is the direction that the industry is rapidly moving toward as it allows a high level of service to meet the expectations of our clients. Read the description to the right and explore the career track link at the bottom that best fits your skills. Once you have decided to apply, proceed to step 2!

In place of a usual Cover Letter, answer the following questions (please limit each answer to 75 words or less):

1. Do you have any real estate related experience or knowledge (buying/selling your own house, construction background, interior design, etc…)
2. What sales or customer service experience do you have?
3.What is your familiarity with the Middle TN area?
4. Do you know anything about Team Yates at Keller Williams Realty? If so, what?
5. Why do you think you will be successful in a real estate career?
6. What is your level of computer/technical pro?ciency (email/gmail, Word, social media, phone/Android/iPhone, etc…)?
7. If you were an animal, which one would you be and why?

Submit your resume and include answers to questions in same uploaded file (see Step 5 for details).

An important step in our selection process is the completion of some online assessments. Below are some helpful recommendations on how to complete the assessments as well as a link to access them.

1- The profiles are not a measure if IQ & are not timed so take your time. Your first instinctive answer is typically the best. As such, do not over analyze or prejudge.

2- There are two profles to complete (14 questions & 10 questions). They must be completed in one sitting & they take approximately 15 minutes to complete. Please complete the profiles at a time with limited interruptions or distractions.

3- There is no cost for this assessment, but you must register at the website to complete the assessment.
4- When you have completed the questions, you will be taken to a “Congratulations!” page. On this page, you’ll be able to download and save your results as pdf files: “Personal Strengths Profile” and “Values Index Proflie.”
5- Click on the link below to get started. www.tonyrobbins.com/disc-profile


Email answers to the questions from Step 2, attach your resume from Step 3, and attach the two profiles from Step 4. Use “New Team Member Application” as the subject line and send the email to:   Careers@MyTeamYates.com

You will be contacted after ALL FIVE STEPS above have been completed correctly.

ALL inquiries, emails and resumes are completely CONFIDENTIAL.

Thank you in advance!